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피펫 사용법

GIST (광주과학기술원) College student Hyeyeon Chung (정혜연) demonstrates basic pipetting techniques for beginners. Special thanks goes to Professor Steve Cho for providing the laboratory supplies.

How to pipette correctly – a short step-by-step introduction into proper pipetting

Visit the Eppendorf Training Center: https://goo.gl/1l8XUF

This three minute video improves your pipetting skills and secures a homogenous pipetting technique in your lab when all lab members follow these easy tips. Your assays will be more reproducible and reliable without depending on one person doing the experiment. We will show each important step in pipetting from the operation of the buttons to dispensing of the liquid. We give valuable information on each handling move and explain in detail all critical points during pipetting. You will learn about the correct aspiration angle and immersion depth and receive reasons why these considerations are of great importance. We clarify the term and practice of pre-wetting by showing how to do it. In the last step of pipetting you will learn about the appropriate dispensing angle and performance of blow-out to achieve most reliable and reproducible results.

2019~20년 동경쌤의 피펫필러 사용법(1인칭 시점)

(Perfection_환경기능사 편) 피펫필러를 직접 만지는 듯한 1인칭
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#50 ml 피펫


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