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When to use Flux ?

Paste Flux Mechanic MCN-UV80
Clean flux with alcohol and paintbrush/toothbrush/wipe
Mr Quack face : Recommendations really know what I want how they know I need to learn how to properly solder things
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Matt Weger : Always?
Valores Medina : First time I could say I felt a skill point increase
Noah Boat : Whats funny is that i always wanted to soldier, but stuff like reconnecting copper tabs and replacing lithium batteries and such-

What Is Flux? | Soldering

Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLALQuK1NDriDYU572cmwqCm2bOO_t2Cv
Watch more How to Solder videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/504730-What-Is-Flux-Soldering

Flux is a very important part of soldering. Flux is necessary to reduce the oxides that tend to form whenever you have hot metals in contact with the air.

In electronics, we use a rosin-core solder or a mild solder or water-soluble solder. Make sure that you choose something that's not plumbing flux or acid-core flux, because that will tend to corrode the parts over time. It's okay for pipes but not for electronics.

So in this case, we're looking at rosin solder flux. It comes in a paste form. If the temperature's a little bit colder, it will tend to crystallize and solidify, but it can be melted with a little bit of heat from the soldering iron.

Now, when you heat flux it tends to produce smoke, so it's good to have some ventilation or some kind of vapor extractor to be sure that you're not breathing in a lot of the caustic vapors from the flux. What the flux does, when you heat a workpiece, is it reacts with these metal oxides that are forming with the temperature and exposure to the air, that tend to interfere with the metal-forming process of soldering. So this chemically reacts with these oxides, and makes for a nice, clean metal that can then form a nice, perfect alloy.

I should mention that many solders come with flux in the core. For example, this is flux-core solder. It's actually hollow, and inside there's a central core of flux. Then as you feed the solder into your workpiece, the flux then distributes itself over the surface of the work, and does its action in reducing those metal oxides, preventing them from occurring as you're doing the soldering. It happens to be at the right moment in time and place, so having a flux-core solder is often very, very helpful.

And finally, we should talk about water-soluble flux, which is a recent improvement in flux. With water-soluble flux, cleaning becomes much, much easier. With rosin-core flux, the flux is not water-soluble. It takes some kind of solvent in order to dissolve it and to remove it from the work piece. Solvents such as trichloroethylene and other toxic solvents must be used.

Water-soluble flux is definitely easier. It may not be appropriate in all circumstances. It can leave a residual layer that may interfere with high-impedance circuits, where you have resistances of ten megaohms or greater. The flux may actually lower that resistance and cause the circuit to malfunction. And on those cases you'd want to use a rosin-core solder flux. But in most cases, the water-soluble flux is the better choice. It's environmentally friendly and it's easier to clean when you're finished.
dotproduct : Can't take anyone seriously who pronounces SOLDER, SODDER.
H Ni : Lies sth in the criticism; For myself I haven't been able to find out why flux dissolves metal oxides. Through H+ ions, one might argue - hydrogen from where then? No acids used for electronics surely(?). Is there hydroxide in natural resin, like from fir trees and pine? Beats me.
@Howcast.com: If you give birth to videos like this one, why then not checking up on it now and then to solve any ambiguity, because I think you might have some answers... That's your idea from starters, innit?
spybaz : Why do Americans say 'sodder' for 'solder' ? wtf?
James el mafioso López : Dabs
Little Frog : why is he saying 'sawder' instead of SOLder??

[ENG SUB] 결과공개★ 연료첨가제 효과, 있나 없나? 남다른 클라쓰의 프로젝트 대공개 / Will the fuel additive actually work?

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자동차 명장, 본색을 드러내다 [박병일의 명장본색]
★매주 화\u0026금 공개★

#연료첨가제 #fueladditive #엔진세정
징냥 : 야 이런거 국토부가 나서서 해야하는거 아닌가 국민혈세는 뜯어먹고
MrCrowpr : 불스원 길막고 광고한거 밖에 기억이 안나
옳바른생각 : 말도안되는광고 좀그만해요 무슨카본이 제거된다고 과고도 가지가지 하는구나 현혹돼 사는사람 생기겠네
신상철 : 2019년 11월 22일자 산업방송채널 유투브에서는 연료첨가제효과가 전혀 없다고 하셨는데 거기에 대한 말씀은 없으시네요.
dragona Lee : GDI 엔진입니다
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