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Trash-find MTD lawn mower repair | Chinese 123cc Carburetor cleaning.

In this video, I demonstrate how to revive a lawn-mower that's been sitting all winter with fuel in it.
Booths Wattha : I got just like that from the curb, but it has a governor issue I’m trying to figure out. Cool video I cleaned the carb too also the plastic emulsion jet on top of the carb.
Namik Vehapi : Thanks man , I fix my lawn mower , it was same problem .
Trevor Wylie : those chinese engines give mtd a bad name
GamerKay : let that thing die..
jimmy king : Actually a kohler clone
Morgan Hildebrand : Great video very helpful
Jay Dee : Thank you! I was very confused when I pulled off the bowl and that bolt was not a pilot jet. Gonna try this out and hopefully she fires up.

Little side note for anyone trying to get their mower running, and is going through comments. I have a similar mower to the one pictured, and had to open the valve cover and set the gap on the pushrods and rockers, as one of them separated. Once I got it tightened up, the mower now FINALLY shows some life, and doesn’t run for more than a few seconds (I sprayed carb cleaner in carb to see if it runs). Gonna try to clean the jet that is hidden in the carb and hopefully she runs!

Also, I don’t think this was shown in the video, but there’s actually another jet that should be cleaned on this carb, if it’s the same as mine (may be slightly different). On the top of the carb, there’s an idling jet (I think). It just pops out
Josh Kilen : very nice job, I have cleaned one two carbs, but I had to replace one of the two I cleaned due it was a Toro and it had a plastic emulsion tube, and it was a Tecumseh too.
D Fields : Good detailed video, I use a wire from a bread twisty tie all works the same
lawnmowerdude : Trash find mowers are the greatest.


Remington RM2120 Boulder Single-Stage Snow Thrower Review
ez8secrider : Could you do a video about string trimmers and tillers next?
Nick Hernandez : Where's the link so i can buy one?!?! Nice job Kipp, I am now smarter for watching your video! #THUGLIFE #DADBOD
xRHIN0Zx : I'm very new to the snow blowing business. This vid helped my knowledge. Thanks man!! And keep the songs bumping!! WEEET WUUU.....WEEET WUUU..... WEEET WUUU

Snow Blower "TUNE UP" 123cc CRAFTSMAN

How to change spark plug and oil (tune up) on Snow Blower CRAFTSMAN 123cc
40intrepid : I just bought a new Craftsman snowblower with this same engine and oil filler location.
The manual says not to screw the filler cap/dipstick into the filler neck to check the oil level like you do.
Just place the dipstick in the filler neck Is this right?
Lorena Prado : Dpnde queda la vesicula
Jose Ortiz : 20 onz?
fredyh357 : Nice job David!!!
hamish12134 : Great snowblower!>>>t.co/rcDL3w3qZr Used in quite a few different storms in the Boston area. It’s been a life saver! Fast! Easy to start and just works!
Rick Beris : Exactly my snow blower. Thanks for this video so I can tune up myself.
bramo daklala : hey david, i have the exact same one. baught it brand new and only used it twice. after that, it wont come on anymore. have any ideas? there is a sticker on there that warns u not to use gas that has more than 10% ethonol. that was after put the gas in. so i don't know what i used.
djjhart1 : Thank you for taking time to do this. It was very helpful!




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