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MD900 Explorer Helicopter Engine Startup and Takeoff

MD Helicopters MD900 Explorer C-GHZF is seen starting up and taking off from CZNL in Nelson, British Columbia. This was my first time seeing one of these interesting helicopters using NOTAR Technology.
andy brugman : six million for this look at all the wires and shit hanging underneath it
jhonatan gonzaga rodrigues Amorin : Podia cair
Jet Keene : Very cool!
Kelly S. : This is amazing. ❤️
rakesh sharma : Beautiful helicopter and surprisingly quiter.
Shari Puckett : I can't figure out the difference between an MD 900 or an MD 902. How can you tell them apart?
Ravi Mehroliya : Nice helicopter
Don Berry : He seems to be concerned about the thingamajig.
DashCamDave : Just one more workaround..
ziing Oom : thinking the same..

MD900 Explorer NOTAR Start Up & Takeoff - Helicopter (N902GG)

Here is footage of a MD Helicopters MD900 Explorer Engine Start \u0026 Taking Off. Thank you for Watching \u0026 Please Subscribe.
Model: MD-900 Explorer
MFR Year: 1995
Registration Number: N902GG
Engine Manufacturer: P\u0026W CANADA
Engine Model: PW206A
Serial Number: 900-00023
The MD Helicopters MD Explorer is a light twin utility helicopter. Designed in the early 1990s by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems, it is currently produced by MD Helicopters. There have been two models, the original MD 900, and its successor, the MD 902.
Jerome Mervelet : Nice paint on this MD900. Well done Ed
Planes Copters : Great video ed I think I saw that copter one time but I’m not 100% sure
EDKBVideo : Thanks for sharing this rare helicopter.
Only one MD900 is registered in Germany as far as i know: D-HMDX. Powerline and pipeline checks are done with Robinson 44.....
Frank Thomas : First... Time seeing an MD 900. Love the sound those NOTARS make. That was one cool chopper.
Thanks Ed. You never dissapoint.
Visions of Ed : Awesome catch Ed
Newark Liberty International Airport Spotter : Enjoyed watching my friend!
ElliotL- CBGSpotter : One of my all time fav helicopters! Nicely caught :)
Foxxray : Awesome catch Ed Love the Explorer
TeleCabo : Nice looking chopper. Great catch, Ed.
Martin Nostalgia-Märklin H0 & Motor Classic : Cool heli, nice shot

MD902 Explorer NOTAR

Nick Page, Senior Instructor Pilot at MD Helicopters, explains to Rotorcraft Pro Media Network how NOTAR (NO Tail Rotor) technology works. This video is a supplement to a written and digital article about MD Helicopters which was published in the August 2013 issue of Rotorcraft Pro Magazine. Visit the Magazine page of to see the full written and photographic feature.
realvanman : It would seem that the power expended to produce a lateral anti-torque force near the main body of the machine as opposed to out near the end of the tail boom is very inefficiently utilized...
James Eadmer Dela Cruz : It's basically like a lift booster
Arjit Raj : Beautifully explained!
Loic Cardoso : Is the MD 902 still built in 2020 ?
Devesh Kumar Singh : This helicopter is a piece of art.✌
stillshakin : Why dont more new helicopters use this system?
TheTimeTraveler2025 : I remember when this came out in the early 90s
gene Pohlmann : That's freaking brilliant, I can see this entirely changing the ball game
Rundllx32 : Notar helis look like amputees
T Sclly : Interesting, but going a bit deeper would have been appreciated such as how much power is being consumed and as compared to a shrouded tail fan and verse a tail propeller.




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